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Bringing your family to the United States is an exciting, time consuming, life changing event. Our immigration legal team is devoted to helping your family, so you don't need to worry. We've helped thousands of families with even the most complex immigration legal matters and employment immigration law options. We're attentive in meeting your needs when it comes to immigration support. And we approach our work with the highest ethical standards.

Clients in All 50 States and Abroad

Our team of attorneys and support staff is able to work on your immigration matters from the convenience of your location whether you are in the U.S. or currently residing abroad. We come to you using the latest technologies to help make your life easy.

There are a wide variety of immigration lawyers offering legal services. There are also quite a number of unlicensed “legal assistants” offering help. It’s difficult to know what immigration assistance is really required and how to obtain the services of a competent immigration law firm at a reasonable cost. Allan Lolly & Assoc. offers expert legal advice and works efficiently to help keep costs reasonable. Give us a call to learn more.

Immigration is too important to leave to chance. Immigration delays and denials are devastating and the effects can often be long term.

Our Immigration Law Practice

When you hire Allan S. Lolly & Assoc. P.C., you hire a team of experienced professionals with decades of knowledge who can help solve problems the right way. We take our work seriously. We want you to succeed, whether you are pursuing a green card, marriage visa, fiance visa, bar waiver, victim rights, or other family or employment benefits.

We've successfully obtained well over 15,000 visas
and green cards for family members from over
190 countries. We can help you.

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    To date, the immigration law firm of Allan S. Lolly & Assoc. P.C. has successfully obtained well over 15,000 K1 fiance visas, CR marriage visas, green cards, immigration bar waivers, VAWA benefits, Asylum benefits, and other family and employment visas.

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