Marriage Visa Process

The Marriage Visa process involves a total of 4 immigration agencies that must clear the case: the USCIS, National Visa Center, Homeland Security checks, and the U.S. consulate abroad. 

All filings start in the U.S. and end at a U.S. consulate abroad where the foreign spouse must attend a CR visa interview.  An exception can be when the U.S. citizen or permanent resident green card petitioner resides in particular foreign countries.  In these certain cases, submissions can be initiated at satellite offices abroad.

Each agency has its own requirements. All involve submissions of forms and supporting documentation by you or your spouse (except the security checks) based on marriage visa requirements.  Submissions should be accurate and compelling or you risk visa denial.


The timing of the CR spouse visa depends on the state in which the U.S. citizen petitioner resides and the country in which the foreign spouse legally resides. Timing changes.

We will be glad to estimate a current processing time for your CR Visa. Obtain your free consultation today.

Proving the Relationship Is Sincere

Most couples will spend a good deal of effort proving the relationship is sincere. This is important. It helps to document your time together and your history of your communications. The more time you spend together in person, the better. Short visits are dating. Spending time together in person is a marriage. From an attorney standpoint, what is equally important is processing your case correctly with your defenses up. We all hope the immigration officers will be friendly and interested in your relationship. Unfortunately, not all officers are so friendly or willing. It is necessary to proceed with caution and successfully defend yourself when an officer is less than fair.

We Are Here to Help

With over 26 years experience and currently handling more than 400 visas and green cards per year, we are confident we are an excellent choice, should you you decide to work with us on your immigration matters. We are prepared to proceed quickly and efficiently. Call us if you are considering marrying overseas, but have not already done so. It may or may not be in your best interest to marry your foreign fiance(e) before bringing him or her to the U.S.

There are many things to consider: timing, your residence in the U.S. or overseas, your fiance’s nationality and residence location, child issues, income requirements, and your personal needs. There is also a risk of visa refusal to consider, as well as your marital obligations from an immigration standpoint.

Call for Assistance — Our law firm is among perhaps only a handful of immigration attorneys with extensive knowledge of marriage based immigration.

We would first want to understand your circumstance and your goals, so as to enable us to develop an immigration strategy to meet your needs. You are welcome to complete our free consultation form. The confidential form includes specific questions about each of you to help us evaluate.

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