What Is a Fiance (K1) Visa?

Couples who are engaged can plan to marry in the US. The foreigner obtains a fiance visa from a US consulate abroad and enters the US to marry a US citizen. The foreigner applies for a green card after marriage and becomes a lawful permanent resident of the USA.

The Fiance Visa allows a foreign fiancee to come to the US to marry a US citizen. It’s also known as the K1 Visa or Engagement Visa. Here’s how it works:

➛ Develop the relationship to the point you want to marry.

➛ Apply for a fiance visa. The foreigner enters the USA to spend time with you before marriage.

➛ After marriage, the spouse remains in the U.S. to apply for a permanent resident green card.

The fiance visa is the only visa that allows the foreigner to remain in the U.S. after marriage to apply for a green card.

  • The B1/B2 visitor visa was not created for immigration to the US, only visiting.  The foreigner can marry in the US on a visitor visa, but then must generally depart the US after marriage once the visit has come to an end.  Misuse of a visitor visa results in a permanent bar from the U.S. if caught, so be careful.
  • marriage visa is the appropriate visa if you marry first, then immigrate your loved one to the U.S. as your spouse, already married.
  • Fiance visa cannot be issued inside the U.S. – read Already in the U.S. for further information.

Bringing your foreign fiancé to live in the U.S.? Do it the right way, with a Fiancé Visa. Don’t risk your future together with unsafe immigration behavior!

K1 Visa Issuance

Upon issuance of the fiance visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad, your fiance has 6 months to use it to enter the United States. It converts to a 90-day stay in the U.S. upon entry. Your fiance may remain in the U.S. permanently so long as you marry in time. The next step is to adjust status and apply for a green card based on marriage.

Fiance visa laws and procedures change constantly. Our law firm, Allan S. Lolly & Associates APC, has been a leader in the field of fiance visas since 1991. You are probably eager to start your life together in the U.S. once you are engaged. Our goal is to provide complete, timely, and efficient fiance visa case processing. We prepare each submission and manage your case through to successful fiance visa issuance. Personal attention helps you feel comfortable and keeps stress to a minimum.


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