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There are a wide variety of immigration lawyers offering legal services to citizens immigrating a spouse, other family member, or marrying a foreign fiance in the U.S. There are also quite a number of unlicensed “legal assistants” offering help. It’s difficult to know what immigration assistance is really required and how to obtain the services of a competent immigration attorney at a reasonable cost.

Immigration is too important to leave to chance. Immigration delays and denials are devastating and the effects can often be long term.

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To date, the immigration law firm of Allan S. Lolly & Associates APC has successfully obtained over 14,000 fiance visas (K1 visas, marriage visa) CR visas, green cards, immigration bar waivers, and other family immigration benefits such as for family members. We currently obtain more than 1,000 visas and green cards per year for family members in 190+ countries. Read more about our immigration law firm »