K1 Fiance(e) Visa Processing Times

All K1 fiance visas start with filings in the U.S. and end with an interview at the U.S. Consulate abroad where the foreign fiance resides.  A K1 fiance visa petition cannot be filed with any immigration office outside the U.S.

Case processing currently can take anywhere from about 5 ½ months total to well over one year, depending on the particulars.  It is common at many consulates for a well-prepared K1 visa to process in 7 to 9 months by current standards.   Some will misquote processing time estimates to give the appearance services are speedy or only check processing times for 1 agency.  There are four agencies who must clear the K1 before the visa will issue:  USCIS, NVC, Security checks, and U.S. consulate.  A realistic timing estimate can help you with planning your affairs properly.  Here are some considerations that affect timing estimates:


First filings are submitted by the U.S. citizen to the USCIS, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  The time it takes depends on where in the U.S. the petitioner resides. 

Note:  Timing estimates posted by the USCIS are generally not accurate for a variety of reasons.  The USCIS is a huge operation.  Cases move by forklift.  The system does not work as it should and so there are many errors.  The people who quote publish timing estimates are not the same officers who actually work on the cases.


The NVC is a clearing house for all cases processing abroad at Consulate posts. 

An approved I-129F petition for a fiance visa is transferred to the National Visa Center for further processing.  Transfer from the USCIS to the NVC is made both electronically and also via physical file sent through the government pouch system.  A case should normally take a couple weeks to clear the NVC.

The NVC will help a U.S. consulate preprocess by setting up the file in a way that is acceptable to the consulate.  Consulates can have unique methods of case processing and so the NVC acts as an interface between the USCIS and consulate.  Processing times for K1 fiancee visas vary at the NVC due to the peculiar requirements of the various consulates.  There are more than 150 U.S. consulates that process K1 visas, so there are quite a few variations.

The NVC will also order a police background check on the U.S. citizen and also on the foreign fiance.  Automated background checks can normally take a couple weeks.  If the automated check turns up a “hit,” then the case can be placed into a manual check, which can take months to process, depending on immigration staffing.   When a case is delayed at the NVC, it helps to determine whether the delay is the result of a police check, or whether there is some other concern.


The NVC will generally notify the consulate of NVC clearance via email.  It will then forward the physical case file through the government pouch system.

Shortly upon email notification, the consulate will open a case file and begin consular processing.  The consulate will not approve a K1 visa until it has the physical file in its possession and has completed its work.  The foreigner will be scheduled for an interview.  If the foreigner passes the interview, the K1 visa is placed in the foreigner’s passport and is normally sent by courier to the foreigner’s residence location.

As you can see, case processing varies widely, depending on where in the U.S. the citizen resides and where the foreigner resides abroad. Case processing times also depend on what is filed.  If there are problems with the filings themselves, there will be great delays.  It is important to properly monitor the case as it proceeds through the system.  Even the best prepared case can have difficulty because the immigration system is not a perfect system.  Problems simple occur.

Expeditious processing is possible for good cause, but not for any additional government fee (There is no premium processing fee for K1 fiance visas).  Instead, there must be an emergency of some sort in order for an agency to bump one case ahead of another.   The emergency must be unique to you and not a common problem.  An inappropriate request for expeditious handling can result in added delays.  It is normal for an immigration officer to pull a file, determine there is no real emergency, and then return the case back to the end of the line, thereby slowing your case.  Be careful that you only pursue an expedite for good cause.

It is important to proceed correctly and deliberately.  For those interested in the possibility of working with an experienced attorney at a reasonable cost on your K1 fiance visa, I invite you to call me at 1-888-483-0311, or go to the Contact page of our website.  Thank you.


  1. Crystal M. says

    What can be a reason that the USCIS is taking longer than normall to process or make a decision on cases?

  2. Allan S. Lolly says

    Thanks. The main reason is human error. If the couple has not filed properly then the case will be held back for further review and inquiry. A request for further evidence is mailed to the U.S. citizen. There is one chance to correct errors. If not properly corrected, then the the case is denied.

    Sometimes, petitioners improperly request expedite without good cause. The case is pulled and transferred for review. If determined to be an inappropriate request, the file is returned to the back of the line.

    An improper congressional case status inquiry will often delay case processing. The case is pulled, reviewed by a USCIS officer, and later returned to the back of the line. A return to the back of the line should not happen, but it does often happen this way.

    USCIS error is a common problem as well. Immigration officers can misplace a case file or a run of case files. Sometimes, poor decisions are made on a perfectly fine case. I’ve seen cases shipped to the wrong department or facility and just sit until I track them down and help return them where they need to be. I’ve seen cases shipped off to storage in another State by mistake.

    Sometimes, problematic cases are referred to a USCIS supervisor for consideration. Supervisors are not quick to review. In other cases, a police background check is taking longer than it should.

    These are examples of the many things that can delay case processing at the USCIS.

    Allan Lolly

  3. Allan S. Lolly says

    Tess, A pregnancy is not grounds for expedite unless there are complications with your birth that can be medically documented. Otherwise, if you plan ahead and normal case timing puts an interview date near the time of your birth, then I have been able to squeeze clients into cancellations at the consulate so that the fiance or husband makes it in time for the birth in the U.S.

    Expedite requests are handed out sparingly. Everyone wants them and immigration officials believe you should plan properly, so they don’t want to budge with an expedite unless there are compelling reasons. Child births are common and so would not satisfy grounds for expedite. The DS forms are part of his application filings. We help with them in our office when working on a case. Kind regards, Allan

  4. Tess says

    I have a question do you think they would speed up our case if my fiance is in egypt and i am in america I got pregnant when I went over there in december to meet him and we filled the k-1 visa in may I am due in september would they speed up our process if I told them I was pregnant and also do I have to send his DS-156 and the other DS forms to the embassy or does he do it?

  5. kecho says

    I am living as an asylum seeker out side my native country .My fiancee has applied for k-1 visa and the process in on initial review stage. my passport is expired in a country I am residing now . I can’t go to my country’s embassy to apply for a passport.
    I have a legal residence permit including work permit and national health insurance coverage and all other necessary documents . my question is does my passport be a problem for my process? or what shall I do before I jump in to the next step? please I need your urgent consultation.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Kecho, Yes, it makes a difference because the other documents you mention do not allow for international travel. It sounds as if you will need special travel authorization if you are unable to obtain a passport. It is important that you be well organized when you attend your consulate interview. There can be a tendency to hold back a case like this for investigation since you are under asylum. When that happens things will tend to slow and the likelihood of visa refusal rises. It’s a bit risky working on your own. Allan

  6. Geralin says

    thank you so much for this very informative page.. here is my case, i hope u could help me..july 6, 2012 uscis approved our case, after 21 days, my fiance tried to contact nvc to ask about our case status many times, then a call agent answered the phone and asked the case no./receipt no. for our case, petitioner’s and beneficiary’s name and birth date, my fiance found out that nvc has a wrong beneficiary’s birth date and they could not tell any info unless he could give the right birth date. in our noa1 which uscis had, my birthday was correct. nvc told him, he could change the wrong birth date by sending a copy of my passport front page (which he did it rightaway), to verify the right one, and he has to wait 20 days for them to correct it. my question is, will it affects the processing time for our case? what if my fiance did not call the nvc, will we be able to know the wrong entry of my birth date?
    thank u for your time.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Geralin, Greetings. Often, when someone files a case there can be problems with what was submitted or problems with the way in which the case was filed. Even it’s filed absolutely correctly, immigration agencies can make mistakes. Problems case delays.

      I cannot tell the problem based on what is written above. Problems are common. You either need to figure things out on your own or hire someone like me to help work through issues. Unfortunately, immigration agencies do not work as smoothly as they should, and the officers reviewing the case have a great deal of power in deciding cases. Agents generally will not admit fault, but instead will look to blame. It’s human nature. You are welcome to call me to discuss further if you like at 1-888-483-0311. Kind regards, Allan

  7. kwaku adusei says

    hi Allan I’ve been reading about your advices to people and i think you are the right person to answer my questions.
    Do you think where my fiancee lives in the U.S can help speed up things? Thanks

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Kwaku, Greetings. Normally the residence location of the U.S. citizen petitioner does affect case timing, sometimes the difference in timing is quite large. Coincidentally, right now all locations in the U.S. are processing fiancee visas consistently. Right now, it does not make a difference. Timing changes. Kind regards, Allan

  8. josephine says

    Hi ,Alan..Have a good day.,.Why my fiancee visa is under in review its been 7 months on the file receive.The immigration response today august 27,2012 that the paper is still on the review., Mostly that i know fiancee visa is approve just with end the 5 months and half..If i give your number to my fiancee he is living in the Tamarac Florida US and he call you it is possible you can help that my fiancee is visa is approve this coming September 2012….My fiancee name is Alan the same your name..Thank you..Good bless you

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Josephine, Thank you for asking. It is difficult to know how to proceed since I have not worked on the case. I would want to see a copy of what was filed. Often, there are mistakes, but sometimes the filings are just fine. It happens that a case is held up by immigration services without good cause and it becomes necessary to track it down and get it moving. I am glad to help, but I simply cannot tell the best way to proceed without reviewing the case file. If you would like to work together with me, can you please have your fiance call to discuss at (888) 483-0311? Kind regards, Allan

  9. smur says

    Hi , I am a U S Citizen . My fiance is from Pakistan . I filed K1 petition for him . After 4 months our case transferred to Consulate in Pakistan . Last week he got an interview ,and after that the officer gave him a green paper which shows his case is under administrative process and this will consider as temporary rejection .What does it mean ? Is it normal and how long it will take ?

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Smur, Technically, it is a rejection if the visa is not approved.

      It is difficult to say the reason the case has been held up. Pakistani cases are often held up for police checks, which can take a long time.

      It’s a bit dangerous working on your own through Islamabad. The longer the delay, the more likely it is the consulate will find various problems with the file and deny the visa. Consulate officers have a duty to find problems and delay or deny, so less immigration.

      Generally, the way I file a case is very likely not the same as how you would file. You file to meet the requirements for visa issuance. I anticipate further action if the visa is denied. I have a larger view of case processing. In this way, I am prepared to respond appropriately. Essentially, I prepare my cases defensively from the start to help reduce problems and am in a position to respond when problems arise. Allan

  10. Teneil Washington says

    Greetings Allen
    I submitted my K1 filing for fiancé and it was received June 25th so theoretically speaking…if on track, I should here back from them by late november 2012…not to bad…my question is, as you sound real thorough with your work, something a meticulous fellow like myself could appreciate, would hiring you and or your fim give a petitioner access to updated info on process in true live time? I understand I have to wait it out like everyone else, no problem with that. But to be waiting and not knowing if there’s an issue til months later, that’d be a bit of a drag. A case file sitting unnecessarily due to missing information yet nobody in office following up on it…for months…that’s unexceptible. In my opinion. Peace of mind is what I’m after, not a expedited work around. Does your office ensure petition is being processed, properly and fairly? If any issues, do they get appointed to your firm promptly so a rapid response can be implemented quickly? In my fiances country, it’s monsoon season and as she is currently flooded out of her home with her two kids communication is quite compromised so getting her here as soon as possibly is my only itinerary in mind. If it means paying to have a lawyer ensure process proceeds smoothly, that’s what I’ll do. But can’t afford to pay someone to do something that would render similar results as it would if one just sat idle and handled it on his on. So any detail you can give on how your firm could had a petition process that’s already in process so-to-speak, would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Teneil, Thank you for this open and direct question. Yes, I can add value in terms of speed, certainty and insurance that things are proceeding correctly. I anticipate problem areas so that when problems arise, I am in a position to respond and follow up appropriately. When some file on their own, they take risks. They make assumptions about immigration. No one in immigration is there to help you. The job of an immigration officer is to find problems and delay or deny. Some officers are better than others, and plenty of them make mistakes even if you do things correctly. When a problem arises, you will react emotionally. Immigration officers already know this and will ignore you. Everyone behaves the same way. When I work on cases, I deal with immigration agencies on near equal terms. They have ultimate decision making, but I know the rules and how things should be. I know how to respond and follow up and how to place you in the best position to succeed. Immigration is like a chess game and you need to act strategically. For this reason, I can do a better job of immigrating your loved one quicker and with more certainty. You are welcome to call to discuss if you like. My number is (888) 483-0311. I hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Allan

  11. marie says

    Hello my name is Mary I have file my paper work for my fiance on April 2,2012 and I am still waiting to be approve.I know having a lawyer work on my case would be better but I don’t have the funds. I have a question I have moved several time so, I just keep my address at my parents house and my driving licence has at my parent address. When I filed the paper work I put my current address. Should I change my driving licence to my current address. I also want to know if you help people who don’t have funds with there case.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Yes, I help family members and friends with their immigration cases without a fee. It happens on occasion that I help a client who is disabled in some way, but only when I choose to do it. Otherwise, I must charge a fee or I cannot remain in business. Allan

  12. William Kobby says

    Hi Allan, Thanks so much for the help you are giving to people, I would have used you if I fould you earlier. Am worried and don’t know what to do, my fiancee is pregnant and our pettition is 6months today and still hanging. Her country of residence has a slow processing time, I really wish I can have my first child born in my presence at the same time am in school so travelling is difficult and wishes to get her in the States before her due date, what do I do? Do I call the consulate and appeal for an early interview date when I get my approval? Am really trying to avoid the plane fare which we can use for the baby’s up keep. I really wish you can help me. Thanks once again.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      William, Yes, it helps to talk to someone like me before proceeding. Typically, I can help sort out an immigration plan that meets your needs. A pregnancy is not grounds for expedite unfortunately, unless the mother or child is in danger and there are inadequate medical facilities abroad to handle the situation. If you make a request for expedite without good cause, there is a good chance your case will be reviewed and then returned to the back of the line, slowing it down.

      I am available to help at any point in case processing. It should increase chances of success to bring me in sooner than later. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Allan

  13. janie foster says

    hi, Allan i,m engaged to a Pakistan men he is a Christian and he’s a HR Executive and we been talking since may 2010 and went to Pakistan in June 2012 for a month and i get SSI for my son for learning disability before i started talking to him …. And now I’m bout to get ready and fill out the k-1 but this African lady was telling me i cant do the papers because I get SSI …PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Janie, Thank you for asking. Would you like to have a phone conversation? There are a number of issues I see. Firstly, you mention you receive SSI for your son. If you receive SSI you can be prevented from immigrating a foreigner to the U.S. If your son receives it, then it depends on how the funds are distributed. Also, I’ve had many clients on SSI who have been able to obtain visas for foreign family members. I try not to disclose the information while always telling the truth at the same time. I am careful how I answer.

      Given you are low income, you will garner less respect from immigration officers than if you were a high wage earner. Your fiance will not gain respect at the U.S. consulate in Islamabad. The fact that he is Christian may or may not have an effect on attitudes at the consulate. I would like to discuss this concern by phone and sort it out. I wonder about your relationship, cultural background, any age difference, and so forth. Many cases going through Islamabad are seriously delayed or denied. It’s a tough consulate.

      If you would consider possibly hiring me as your attorney on this matter, you are welcome to call to discuss at (888) 483-0311. Kind regards, Allan

  14. Alem says

    Hi Allan, My k1 visa has been returned to USCIS end OF 2010 after my interview with the consular officer and the reason I was given was that my birth day year was not corrosponding with my previous visiter visa application which was denied by then .My fiance got a letter saying that we have recieved your case from the consulate office for further review, we will notify you when we are done with our review. So far we have got no response from them, he got the letter on the 12 Jan 20 11,now we are confused and we dont know what to do, we are still waiting for there response, when my fiance calls there office to find out, no one is answering his question properly and end up with the same answer which is WAIT till we answer you. How long ?only God knows. Please help us Allan

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Alem, Thank you for your inquiry. You have a serious problem concerning misrepresentation because there is a conflict of facts in your applications. A material misrepresentation results in a permanent bar from the U.S. A bar waiver is possible, but difficult to obtain. You have a lot is at stake.

      The essential problem is that the government is in control and you are not properly prepared and in a position to respond effectively. You are allowing immigration agencies to determine your future. Normally, what I do is try and set the record straight and recite applicable code sections in an effort to show that you are not at fault and that perhaps the government did not allow you enough opportunity to explain your side. You need to protect yourself at every turn.

      You’ve filed on your own. I believe it would be best to have a phone conversation to try and help you immigrate to the U.S. I will not charge for a phone consultation with the understanding that you must seriously consider the possibility of hiring me to help. If you have that interest, then I would be glad to discuss. My number is (888) 483-0311. If calling from overseas you may dial (212) 483-0311. Phone hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern Time. I hope to hear from your fiancée or you. Kind regards, Allan

  15. MJ H.S says


    • Allan S. Lolly says

      When you wait, things take an awful long time. In the end after the wait, if for any reason the visa is denied then you will have lost a great deal of time and will be upset. I try to be proactive in working with clients to anticipate and help shorten processing time and increase chances of success. Kind regards, Allan

  16. Charles William says

    Do you think the new documents that are being filed by the executive order for undocumented immigrants will be causing the system to slow down? I have heard that many are filing to stay right now.
    Is this handled by the same are of the immigration department or different?

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Charles, I’ve not seen any slow down. Cases in immigration are always speeding up and slowing down. Immigration officers are pulled of one detail and put onto another detail. It’s an ongoing flux in the handling of cases. Plenty of immigration officers were trained to review DREAMer cases. The last I heard there were fewer cases filed than expected. Allan

  17. Sofie says

    Hi, i like the work that you do and helping others. i have not filed for the K-1 visas yet but i intend to do so soon. Of course i want to do things right but reading others notes is discouraging. I am Canadian and i am getting married to an American citizen, does the fact that i am canadian versus a farther country help? Also, if ever my visa gets deny does it mean that i can not visit the u.s anymore?

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Sofie, Greetings. There are problems unique to Canadians. Often, Canadians proceed with immigrant processing based on assumptions. One assumption is that Canadians will have an easier time immigrating than foreigners from other countries. It can be easier for Canadians to show a genuine relationship, but the problem is that Canadians often file sloppy paperwork. It is the job of an immigration officer to find problems and delay or deny. Canadians are easy targets. When denied a fiancee visa, your ability to enter the U.S. as a visitor becomes unstable. Each time you attempt to enter a border agent might turn you away because you’ve shown an intent to immigrate and were denied.

      The U.S. consulate in Montreal is slow and difficult. It it one of the slowest consulates in the world, particularly for marriage visa processing. It helps to have a good discussion upfront to make an immigration plan. If you have an interest in possibly working with me on your immigration filings, I welcome you to please call me at (888) 483-0311 and I will be glad to discuss and assist. I hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Allan

  18. Zyna says


    My fiance and I are having problems with our k1 visa petition. Hope you could give is an idea on what to do regarding our concern.
    Here is our case. We received NOA1 february 21,2012. Seven months after September we called the USCIS regarding our case. They said we will from them in 15 days so we waited. 15 days went by and haven’t heard from them again so we decided to call again on the 16th day but we weren’t able to get thru with them. Few days after, we called USCIS again and talked to some representative and she said that they lost our petition file and we have to wait for 90 days for them to locate the file. Our worry is that our petition might be denied. What we gonna do? A friend told me that we can submit duplicate petition to reconstruct our case. Will it be possible that our duplicate petition be sent out to NVC, consulate and get approved? Please help. This so frustrating for us. Thank you.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Zyna, These are not unfamiliar problems for me. I am available to assist clients for a fee. It seems you want information only, but there is no hint of possibly working together on this matter. In this case, I can offer a paid phone consultation. I charge $60 for the first 15 minutes and then $3 each minute after that time. It’s a reasonable fee so we both receive a benefit from the conversation. If interested, you are welcome to call (888) 483-0311 and report you would like a paid consultation. If I end up working on the remainder of the case, I would consider whether to apply all or a portion of the consultation fee to future work. Kind regards, Allan

  19. Naoufal says

    Hi Allen, Thank you for you info and all the help.
    I have petitioned for my fiance, received the acceptance letter and now playing the waiting game.
    Now my roommate has stopped paying rent so i am transference my lease to another apartment in the same building but the landlord is getting the right of position against me just so he can kick the roommate from the apartment where i used to live.
    So my question is: do something like that(having an eviction order from the court) in the records affect the K1 visa process negatively, and the change of address affect the process time in any way?

    Thank you.

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Naoufal, It is normal for unexpected things to happen during the normal course of case processing. I am available to work with clients on various issues as they arise. When you file on your own and simply want information, I can offer a paid phone consultation. This way we both benefit. I charge $60 for the first 15 minutes, and then $3 per minute after that time. If interested, you are welcome to call me at (888) 483-0311. Kind regards, Allan

  20. lea says

    Hello Allan, you’re a big help to us, who’s facing a problem on immigration particularly the K1 petition.
    My fiancee filed the K1 petition January 2012 in California but it was transfer to Vermont as what they said in their email to speed up processing. The Vermont received the petition 3rd week of February 2012. As what the USCIS stated that the average waiting time 5-6months, so we waited but after that he didn’t received anything, So by August 2012 he called and email the Vermont office but didn’t give any specific reply except that the petition is on process, wait for 15 days. The 15 days had passed still no good news about the status of the petition. Another phone calls and email was sent to the USCIS Vermont Office the same answer still on process.

    From August-Dec.2012, my fiance always called and email the office but to our dismay they cannot give any specific reply except that the petition is on process. My question is, have you encounter this kind of problem from your client who filed a K1 petition. Its exactly 11 months now since the petition was filed in USCIS office in California before they transfer the petition to Vermont. Is their a possibility that the petition was lost/misplaced?

    Please help us this is frustrating and stressful. Thank you and best regards

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Lea, Problems and delays are typical for immigration agencies. There can be different ways to draw attention to your file to see if you can get some attention. There is also the possibility of filing an action in court to help force a decision if needed. Some proceed independently and hope for the best. Those that hire me are a bit more conservative. They want to make sure things are done correctly to help try and avoid delays and denials. If you have an interest in working with me your fiance is welcome to call me at (888) 483-0311 and I will be glad to discuss further. If you call from overseas, please dial (858) 483-0311 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Pacific Time. You can also email me at allan@asl-lawfirm.com. I hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Allan

  21. Claudia says

    Hi Allen,

    I came upon this page as I was looking for information about Fiance Visa. I’ve been reading alot about it, and we decided to file for a fiance visa, instead of getting married in Mexico first. The reason was, I bearly found out that I as a US Citizen, I need to obtain a Mexican tourist permit. I’ve been going to Mexico about every 6 months for the past 2 1/2 years, and never got the permit because I had no idea I had to until this last time I went. We wanted to get married in Mexico but thats when I found out I couldnt because i didnt have the permit. So we decided we are going to file for a fiance visa. That is my main worry, will that come up in our case that i never obtained a permit to go into Mexico? Another one of my concerns, that people tell me not to worry about, but I still do..I am 4 years older than my fiance, I dont know why but the age gap worries me, since he is younger than me..

    thank you,

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Claudia, Thank you for asking. U.S. citizens do not need visas to visit Mexico. You need a residency visa to marry a Mexican citizen in Mexico. It is not so easy to marry in Mexico currently. Often, clients who want to marry and process on a spouse visa will marry in the Caribbean or perhaps Belize. You can shop for “destination marriages” online to find a country near Mexico where you both can marry if you want to marry first, then process on a spouse visa.

      A fiance visa can be a good choice, depending on your situation. Your age difference is not great, so I would think it a minor issue. I would like to first screen the case looking for problem areas before suggesting which visa might be more suitable in your case. In the meantime, here is a blog post regarding fiance vs. spouse visa processing:

      K1 Fiance Visa or CR Marriage Visa – Which is Better?

      A fiance visa processes more quickly than a spouse visa currently when processing through Mexico, and depending on where in the U.S. you reside. The timing may factor into your decision.

      If you have an interest in working with me on your immigration filings, please call and I will be glad to discuss. My number is (888) 483-0311. Kind regards, Allan

  22. Baker says

    At the scheduled interview for the K1 visa for my fiance in Vietnam yesterday they said she did not fill out 156 form on computer and then delayed interview for one month. On the form it clearly says print or type. Can I ask for a sooner interview as the instructions are not clear. She said others were rescheduled too as a result. Would it help to email them

    • Allan S. Lolly says

      Baker, The U.S. consulate in Ho Chi Minh is antagonistic. If you challenge them and are not on solid ground, they will push back. That consulate will look for reasons to delay and deny. There is a protocol, published or not. You should accept the reschedule. When you work on your own or with someone who is not experienced, consulate staff knows it. In the event the visa is refused, they already know you will react emotionally. They are unfriendly and 3 steps ahead.

      In the event the visa is refused, please contact me or someone like me asap to try to help limit the damage. When a consulate refuses a visa they are quite serious. They mean she is not coming to the U.S. on any visa ever. You really must be careful when working with a consulate like the one in Ho Chi Minh, and generally with all consulates as well. Try and toe the line, doing things right the first time and be done with it. Kind regards, Allan

  23. maria says

    Hi Allan, how long it takes to have a fiance visa aproved. Im a us citizen and my fiance lives in santo domingo. After it is aproved how long he has to wait to get his visa. Thank you

    • says

      Maria, Timing changes constantly. I can only say how long it should take me to process based on current circumstances. If you have an interest in possibly working with me and want to discuss timing and so forth, please contact me. Kind regards, Allan

  24. lisper says

    Hi I filed for my fiance visa in October everything went great but received a rfe in Nov couldn’t send it since he is in Afghanistan but managed to send it last week. How long does it take to get approved we r going on a holiday next week does that add weight to our case.we met in sept too.how r k1visa issues in kenya

    • says

      Lisper, When you file on your own it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take. RFE’s cause delays. There will likely be other missteps along the way, so I cannot comment on timing. I am available to work with people on case processing if you have that interest. Kind regards, Allan

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