Fiance Visa Requirements

  1. The fiance visa petitioner must be a U.S. citizen. If you are a green card holder, please see Green Card Holder Immigrating a Foreign Spouse.
  2. Each of you must be free to marry.  So, all prior marriages must be terminated.
  3. You must have met in person within the previous two years.hardship waiver is possible only in rare circumstances where the U.S. citizen is physically prevented from travel outside the U.S.
  4. You must have a genuine relationship. Your behavior and amount of time together must show sincerity. No two relationships are the same.
  5. There is a minimum income requirement the U.S. citizen must satisfy, based on the total number of dependents of you and your fiance, and where each of you resides. A financial cosponsor is possible in many instances, but not always.

Call for Assistance — If you and your fiance(e) fulfill the above fiance visa requirements, you may qualify for a fiance visa / K1 visa. Avoid delays and denials, initial consultation is FREE.

We prepare each submission, then manage your case through to completion. Personal attention helps keep stress to a minimum for yourself and loved one(s).

Matters that may prevent Fiance Visa Issuance

1. Prior Immigration Problems

Your Fiance — Immigration violations or misrepresentation before an immigration officer can prevent you from immigrating to the U.S.  Sometimes, we can overcome defects and complete the immigration process. Certainly, we can assess your chances of success.

You — A waiver under the IMBRA Act may be required if you have either

  1. filed for a K visa within the past two years or
  2. filed two or more fiance visas in the past,

We can often avoid an IMBRA bar.

2. Criminal Offenses

Your Fiancé — Any criminal convictions of your fiance are generally a problem, except for certain minor violations. Even admitting criminal acts to the police or an immigration officer is a problem.  Most noteworthy, it is a crime under US Federal law to smoke or possess marijuana.

You — Any criminal convictions involving violent acts, especially domestic violence and crimes against children, can prevent you from immigrating your fiance to the U.S. If this is a concern, please see IMBRA and the Adam Walsh Act for further information.

Call for Assistance

Consider a licensed, professional immigration legal representative before proceeding. Immigration law is large and diverse, covering many types of immigration.  Government agencies have become increasingly adversarial. It helps to have our team on your side to prevent avoidable and unnecessary delays, anticipate problems, and effectively navigate your matter toward successful completion. We provide a free initial consultation for those interested in possibly working with us on case processing, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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