US Immigration Marriage Travel Package

When traveling abroad, be sure to enjoy your time together.

Allan Scott Lolly

managing attorney

This should be the main focus. Just be mindful not to throw out evidence as you go. Put your receipts and other evidence in your luggage and bring it back. Here are some tips:

When traveling abroad, be sure to enjoy your time together
When traveling abroad, be sure to enjoy your time together


Save all evidence of travel, including plane ticket stubs, boarding passes, hotel receipts, etc.

1. Couple Photos

Obtain several informal photos of the two of you together. Get close shots so we can see your faces. No hats or sun glasses. Some photos with family members are useful, but at least some should be just the two of you together. Date stamped is better than not date stamped. How you look together as a couple is important. Photos are not necessary, but are important if you can obtain them to prove you met together in person. Try to avoid party photos such as at a beer fest on the beach. Better would be photos at a café or hotel lobby, casual dress can be acceptable. More formal is better, but comfortable.

  • Passport: If your loved one has a passport, make a copy. If not, don’t worry about it.
  • Birth certificate: Obtain a copy if possible.
  • Divorce decrees: Obtain complete copies of each divorce decree if possible.
  • Marriage Certificate: Obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate if you marry abroad. I would obtain several certified copies if possible. You never know when you will need one.

2. General Rules

Save evidence of your relationship as it naturally evolves, including email and instant messages, phone logs, etc. Make sure your loved one has email access.

If you are using webcam or free services and cannot log a record, switch to some other means of communication that can be documented.

There are two particular considerations which can help increase your chances of success in obtaining a fiancee or spousal visa:

  1. The more time you spend together in person, the better.
  2. Giving personal attention. A handwritten birthday or holiday card is more personal than an email exchange. All means of communication that you save can be useful. So, it helps to have various ways of staying in touch and showing your relationship. Small gifts are common in a relationship. Save the receipts. You will present a history about your relationship in order to show sincerity. Each relationship is unique, so you want to show your relationship.

3. Marry Abroad?

It is not necessary to marry abroad, although you may do so if you like. What is important is to show a genuine and sincere relationship as it naturally develops. If you would like more information about whether there is an immigration advantage to marrying in your particular case, please contact us to discuss. Each case is different.

Please let us know when you are ready to begin and we can dig more deeply into case prep. The requested information and documentation here is not complete. What is ultimately required in your case will change depending on the particulars of your situation and how things develop. So, we will work together with you on issues and case prep.

If you are in a committed relationship and would like to work with our offices on immigration filings early, please let us know and we can discuss. Case prep. takes time and energy. When you go to meet, we should have a good understanding of your case and be ready or nearly ready to file.

Allan Scott Lolly

managing attorney

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